Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ahhh Johnny....

This, from ABC news / politics......

PM gives TV a reality check on manners
Prime Minister John Howard says there has been a marked deterioration in good manners in Australia.
New South Wales Chief Justice Jim Spigelman last night raised concerns about the prevalence of offensive language in popular culture and rudeness on reality television shows.
Mr Howard says while parents are also responsible for manners, it is time television networks curbed the use of vulgarisms.
"If there's not some kind of self-discipline exercised in relation to that then I think standards will continue to deteriorate," he said.
"I don't think we are polite enough to each other and good manners is the basis of a more civilised society."

Seriously, I don't know how many times we gotta tell ya


Seriously though, people are bashing each other on the streets, and his Highness is concerned with foul langauge. Ok, admittedly, there was the mob at the Cronulla riots chanting out "Fuck off Lebs", but is banning fuckin swear words going to make a differance in times like that? Is that going to make people chant, instead of "Fuck Off Lebs", something like "Please pleasently leave people, of Middle Eastern descent"?

So let's ignore this bullshit issues, and deal with the REAL issues our shit-for-brains, fuckwit PM refuses to acknowledge.

Not sure though, but I reckon I forgot my medicine today.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Pen Names and Mediocre Tales

I've been here for about 8 or so hours now, sub-editing/proofreading and writing for the upcoming issue of Tabula.
Most of the content is in, but it never hurts to write up a couple extra pieces to 'cover' any that need to be bumped, at least to the next issue. Besides, it's the first issue for the year, people have been away and its damn near impossible to get content.

So, over the last couple weeks, I've done a bit, written a couple pieces etc, and now I get down to writing up this particular story (part fiction/part Non-fiction... I'm soooo out there), and I'm stuck.
Like a stick in the mud, S-T-U-C-K!

However, I do have a saving grace....
The story I've been writing up today, which I actually started about two weeks ago, is being submitted under a psuedonym, or pen name. This was the intention all along, and not a recent decision.
So, where is the saving grace? Well, let me say it again......
It is being submitted under a psuedonym.

There will be a total of maybe three people who will actually know who wrote this piece, including myself. As my name will not be on the published article, I will more or less be able to 'wipe my hands of it'. I will be invisible as the author.

Or will I?
So, let's say I race through the rest, just throw it together and get it out, publish it and its gone, out there, in the world.
And forever, no-one, apart from the three or so of us, know the real identity of the author.
Cool Cool Cool.

But but but.
I will know that I have put work out there that I'm not completely happy with.

And when it comes to the printed word, to one's "art"; is there anything more important than being happy with it one's-self?

**Breaking News**
Well, not really. Just an edit/update........
I haven't done much on this piece I'm trying to write, maybe a paragraph or so. I have found some online Fu Manchu to feast my ears on though.
So anyways, it's like 2am, I have a meeting in, ok, 9 hrs, but I have to leave here in 6 or 7, I have buckleys of finishing off tonight's work, or sleeping, and I'm rockin' out. Hmmmm.
In case your wondering, I've gotten all anal about even this piece of writing that's going out under a pen name. I juat can't send writing out until I am ready to, anh 100% happy with it.
Something I've suspected all along, and yes, THE reason I haven't really sent much wotk out.
Any hoo, I should go now, for I am only waffling on about my own shyte and not really contributing to the general well-being of the planet or its people. Maybe I should put this ramblingness (a new word) to good use, and FINISH THIS DAMN STORY.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Claytons Post

The post you post when you don't really want to post!

Well, a near record crappy week is pretty much at a close.
It started off with unnecessary and regrettable confronts with my brother. Then the folks got involved when they really didn't need to. But all is sorted now.

It was hot, and I mean HOT all week. Like 4 of the last 7 days gave us temperatures well over the old 100F - as high as 42.5 C (aprox mid 120's F).
Plus bushfires and smoke all over the place adding further to the general discomfort. However, that said, at least our area, where I live was not directly affected by fires, nor were any lives or properties lost here. The Grampians saw two lives lost, many homes and countless livestock and wildlife lost. One firefighter was lost fighting fires north of Melbourne. So, as I said, despite the discomfort and stress, we got away lucky.

Most lasting and worst for me personally from this week though, was the fact that I missed out on school for the semester. The reason, simply, MONEY. I could not afford my fees. So I missed out.
Worst of all though, is the fact that as I'm now not enrolled, I have to withdraw from my beloved Tabula Rasa and from my position on the Student Union Council; ie step aside from my role as Disability Support Rep and let all my ideas and plans for not only my own portfolio, but Union and combatting VSU in general go out into thin air. Not a pleasant thought.

I am trying to look at the positive side, but it really is difficult to see past the disappointment and, as I see it, the failure.
The failure - I was so amped to be in both of my roles outside of class, and I do feel people were reliant on me in both to really stand up this year and make a difference. I myself was reliant on me standing up and making a difference. But alas, it seems this won't happen, at least not from where I see thing from now.

I've also been considering putting "mini-vinnie-me" on hiatus. For anyone here for the first time, this may sound strange, putting a 2 week old blog on hiatus, but this is a new a (hopefully) improved version of a blog I've had going since mid-last year. So, in actual fact, this blog is fairly old in its own way. And so yes, over the last week, when I've come downstairs to log on and do my emails, blog, write etc, I just haven't been able to, hence the idea of a hiatus.
But, as I'm obviously posting right this minute, rather than not posting, it would appear that I'm not on hiatus. I also have to confess to thinking about that right now, and I am definately swaying towards the opinion of being on a "non" hiatus.


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Awww Shucks.

Aww. This one here made me blush.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I quit

Simple as that.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Post number 3

Today i am slack. I'm going to post a quote that I use in my e-mail signature, from one of the greatest pacifists and revolutionaries of the 20th century.....

"In violence, Truth is the first and greatest sufferer;
In non-violence it is ever triumphant"
Ghandi 1945

Needless to say that i agree with this sentiment. I also feel that if more people lived by this, we would be living in a much better world.

It is interesting to see that a Geelong Photography Club member, who was innocently taking photographs of gas storge tanks at the local Shell refinery in the name of his passion, was 'visited' later at home by the local constabulary, and told not to take photographs of such places because of the risk of Terrorism.
He was also told to inform members of the club he belongs to to take heed of this visit and refrain from taking photos of such industrial facilities.
Liberty Vicoria has rightfully advised to the club to ignore the police directive and shoot away.

"The police have got no place making such warnings," president (of Liberty Vicoria) Brian Walters SC, said.
"Merely to threaten is exceeding police powers and is an abuse of power."
"We currently have thousands of cameras set up to watch citizens, but if citizens themselves take photos, the authorities take that as some sort of risk,"
he said.

Senior Vice-President of the Australian Photographic Society says he is not surprised this has happened, but is saddened. He was taking photo's at Eastland Shopping Centre (Ringwood) when he was carted off by security. This opens the debate centred around taking photographs in, and what is public or private space.
This also opens up the question of surveilence filming in public and more importantly private spaces such as Eastland.
Eastland is privately owned, therefore technically private space, even though you and I go out in public by being there.

My Uncle and Aunt were recently asked to leave Box Hill central, while taking pictures of their Granchilden, just before their daughter (my cousin) moved away to Rockhampton, in Queensland.
Box Hill Central is actually on crown land, as it sits over Box Hill railway station, therefore, they had every right to take photos there - it is public space. More importantly, as my Aunty argued, "No-one is going to tell me when or where I can take photo's of my Grandkids".
But in reality, they are telling us when and where we can take photo's of our Grandkids, or photo's for our own pleasure.

It is now also illegal to take photo's of or at Railway Stations.

All this because of the "heightened security threat". When 9/11 happened, I remember our 'leaders' vowing to carry on as before, business as usual etc, or "we have let the terrorists win."

Too late, methinx. Look at the laws that have been passed that restrict our freedoms, in the UK, the US and HERE.

As Ghandi said.....
"In violence, Truth is the first and greatest sufferer;
In non-violence it is ever triumphant"

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"disturbing the peace of the dead"

Nothing like a good ol' bit o' Cannibalism. And where else but Germany would you expect to find such an upstanding exponent of the art?

I'm not really a big fan of using blogs just to link to news articles (regurgitation I call that), but I can't help myself tonight and I'm gonna do it. So if you have a minute to spare, have a look HERE for the whole story (actually, only a part of it...I ate the rest. Ha ha ha ha) Sorry about that corny joke, but corn is so good, especially with Silverside or, um, err,

Anyway, moving right along.....'

This one here is just obscene.
There has been a spate of Crocdile attacks in PNG over the last fortnight. As usual, the people are screaming blue bloody murder and insisting the we should chase after the crocs in question in kill them.
Yeah. Good Idea people cos that'll show those reptilian bastards who's the boss won't it? Those lousy crocs will never desire food ever ever again after you hunt a few of them down.
Or do people actually expect to find a bunch of remorseful crocodiles sitting nervously out the front of the local Cop Shop like a bunch of teenagers forced by their parents to own up to knockin' off the town's bikes?

Crocodiles are reptiles.
Crocodiles as a species are millions of years old.
The Crocodile is a direct link to the Dinosaurs.
Crocodiles are one of the most effective hunters on the planet Crocodiles don't understand that humans are not meant to be eaten. All they see is food.
Crocodiles have a brain the size of a hacky sack.

Then there's Bundaberg Croc hunter Mick Pitman, who has been authorized by PNG authoriries to hunt down "nuisance Crocodiles". Again, define 'nuisance' in this context.

Worse still is that the PNG officials area actually considering letting Mick take high paying 'trophy hunters' in with him.
To this I say no.

Big, fat, NO.

Well I'll tell you why - (as if you needed to ask).
Let's say (hypothetically of course), Mick takes his high paying 'trophy hunters' (re: James Packer) in. James (a rather wealthy toung man) pays a shitload to Mick. Mick pays a shitload to the local PNG guy and pockets 50%. The local PNG guy, who 'authorises' James being on the trip, pays a shrinking shitload to the authority he represents and pockets 50%.

Then next time James and a couple of his mates wanna get on the turps and get some shootin' in, rather than play the pokies, its only a matter of calling their local PNG mate...etc

It pries open the door corruption, and is a step back to the dark old days of 'trophy' hunting, an exercise that has killed off
many species so far, and set the wheels in motion for many others. And frankly, we gotta make a huge effort to look after what wildlife we have even now, cos it aint gonna be 'round much longer at the rate things are going.

Besides, who really takes pleasure in killing something. That is so wrong.

Monday, January 16, 2006


(Before I selfishly introduce my-self, please allow me the indulgence of introducing to you, for your benefit as much as mine, MY BABIES. My beautiful, beautiful babies.)
Ok, that done, I'll get on with it.

As the title of this post suggests, and the apparent lack of archived posts, this is the first EVER post on this blog.

Why is that I hear you silently ask yourself?
Well, because my old blog got so damn boring after a whole 60 posts, that I thought I'd play around with it and make it good, but, well honestly, my HTML and my resuscitation skills both leave a lot to be desired.
Consequently, I decided that the best way to fix that problem and move on, was to just start all over again. So here I am, starting afresh.
For anyone who has followed the link across from my 'other' blog, thank you.For people whom I've never met before, let me introduce myself a little.
I am from the Dandenong Ranges, just east of Melbourne Australia.
I am just about to begin the second year of a Diploma in liberal arts, which is a humanities course focused on critical thinking and analysis, at Swinburne University of Technology. At this stage I plan to further my studies after I have completed this course, probably by working on a Bachelor of Arts - Media and Communications.
I am 32 years old, male, single, five foot four inches tall and weigh 60 - 65 kg. (Hence the name "Mini")
I write fiction and articles for my University magazine, which is called Tabula Rasa.
I am also Political Editor.
I am the Disability Support Representative on the Swinburne Student Union.
I have depression and Anxiety and am on medication and have been for a couple years now.
This year I would dearly love to come off my meds.
I do not currently work as I study full time and have my other committments, but in past lives, I have been.....
An automaton assembling Electric Motors
A Printer
A Bus-Boy in a club
A storeman
A forklift driver
A market attendant/manager
A driver - deliveries and pick ups
A site superviser
an Offsider - the guy running alongside the waste truck throwing rubbish in
A labourer
A truck Jockey
And probably other stuff too that I can't remember right now. I have had a fair few past lives in my 32 years.
I've been plenty of other things too - a-side from work.
I've been...
A Bass Player
A writer
A photographer
A Martial Artist / Teacher
Oh I dunno, I've been other stuff too, but this will do for now without getting overly analytical and philosphical.
I'm prolly rambling on too now, so I'll let you get back to doing whatever it was you were doing.

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