Sunday, April 30, 2006

New Albums: Tool And Pearl Jam

What a weekend for music. It was kinda unfortunate in a way that both the Pearl Jam and the tool album were released simultaneously. Why? Cos I love both bands... I was listening to Pearl Jam as soon as Alive was released as a single, it was later that I learnt that that song I had loved from even earlier, and managed to get on tape without titles, and listen to on the way to (High) school, was "Reach Down" by Temple of the Dog; thus beginning my 'love affair', neigh deep relationship, with Eddie, Stone, Jeff, Mike and eventually Matt.
I began listening to tool early in the Undertow days, when at a mates' house I heard Undertow for the first time. We were chatting away, and a specific piece of music grabbed me over conversation. That woulda been in about '93, so not quite OGT.
Since then, tool have recorded the three full albums - Aenima, Lateralus and the newie, 10,000 Days. All three have blown me away, however, Aenima and Lateralus both took their time to really, and I mean REALLY do whatever it is that they have done.

10,000 Days was released here on Saturday and I was going a day late. It seemed from the outset, that I was going out to get it a day too late. I got myself to JB HiFi at Eastland mid afternoon, but they had sold out. I got the clerk there to call JB at Camberwell for me - they too had sold out. I went upstairs to Sanity - Sold out. Myers? Sold Out. I learned later this eve, that my brother called last night with a list of other places to not try too as they were all sold out.
I had but one option left, an option I was not proud to be even considering, let alone attempting - KMart. Even as I wondered around, looking for their CD section, I was regretting the fact I had stooped to searching a KMart for a tool recording.
But, lo and behold, despite my concerns over whether or nor they'd even be stocking it or not to the forementioned fact, KMart HAD IT. Well, two copies anyway.
Principles? Blah....Besides, it shows to them that they CAN have artists' (as in genuine actual artists stock on their shelves) and 'shift units' at once.
From the moment I picked it up, I knew this was going to be worthwhile.

The artwork was much different to what I had expected; much different to what I had seen (and linked to) on the Alex Grey website. Alex Grey's work is still there, just not what was supposed to be there.
I won't tell you what it is in detail, save this...Do not open up the cover till you get home, and not on the train. I'm sure my fellow commuters were wondering what the hell I was doing (the funny glasses etc).
So, just how does one "review" a tool album after one listen? I don't know.
It's tool.
What more can I say? It has all the elements a tool album should have. The best way to 'view' a tool album, at least in my experience is, as I've alluded to earlier, to just listen to it and let it seep in. And I'm sure this album, as the others have, will. In fact, I'm not afraid to say, that I'm sure, as much as its a great album on the surface, as it does seep into my mind, it will start to make more and more sense till when, in a couple of years, I'll actually get it and THEN its brilliance will shine.

And this is why its so unfortunate to have simultaneuos tool and Pearl Jam releases:
How does one look at, listen to, feel and 'review' both albums, by artists that one has done a lot of growing up with, but are so different, yet similar in the message they try to deliver?

Luckily for me, this album by Pearl Jam, simply titled Pearl Jam, is just a gem.
This album harks back in many ways, including the energy, to vintage PJ. So, so reminiscient of what to me was the 'Hey-Day' of Vitalogy, or Yeild. And I say this knowing the gravity of saying this. Areas of this album remind me of Ten even - Porch, Oceans.
From the very first strum, we get straight into it with a new sound - a new evolution to Pearl Jam, that is just so blatantly and unpretentiously rock - it sounds almost as though this was dug up from California from the 70's, but keeping a punk-rock attitude. One can pull many Neil Young influences out of this one.
Although not explicitly 'anti-war', thematically, War features heavily, as do Loss, Faith and the Fragility of Everything.
The famed Pearl Jam cynicism continues, but as always, it is a very human(e) album, and despite the concurrent themes, somehow quite confidently, a very very positive and uplifting album.

I don't do stars, so you won't see stars here, however, tool are back!
So too are Pearl Jam with an album already more powerful and plenty more engaging than at least their last two.

Enjoy, as have I, and as I will continue to do!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yay - Number 500

And thank you to whom-ever it was from wherever you are that was my 500th visitor. YAY.

I should tally up my posts one day, and see if I have any reason to celebrate there.

The debate presentation seemed to go a lot better than I thought it would. YAY.
I have no idea how the mark went, but at least we didn't look like complete dicks...that was my main worry by yesterday morning... and all that waiting? Well, it wasn't really needed, the girls I was working with had it all under control, so I didn't need to stress after all.

So what does a class that's just finished off an assessment piece do?
Why, Go and get drunk of course.

A few of us did anywayz.
And yes, it really is a weird weird sensation wondering out of some tiny little dark bar into the blazing mid-afternoon sunshine (something I try to avoid anyhow) and the midafternoon, workday hustle and bustle.
For some reason, I got really drunk...way drunker than I should have. Yeah, I know I know, but I mean I got really drunk really easily.

So I left the bar, some place on Chapel St, called BlueBar or something like that and staggered out onto busy Chapel St, barely even with a clue of my bearings. Found a Hungry Jacks, which happened to be on the corner of Malvern Rd. This was good, I didn't have to go far for a feed, and I was sure there would be a tram from Malvern Rd to Flinders St. Luckily for me, there was.
However, it was during this short tram journey that I started to feel rather seedy.
AS in, REALLY seedy. It really wasn't a terribly pleasant little trip...general seediness plus I got the flushes.
Oh well, there was nothing I could do...I still had my hour or so train ride to go. So, I hopped on the train, still feeling pretty green and fell asleep.
So proving, that I am that weird guy on the train that you generally try to discreetly ignore, except now I'm the DRUNK weird you try to discreetly ignore guy on the train. Yay. I have reached some heady heights in my time, this would have to be one of them.
I just hope I wasn't like, burping and farting and scratching myself all the way home in my alcohol induced slumber, cos that'd be really undignified and I guess kinda take the sheen off this new pinnacle.

Although, if ya think about it, burping and farting and scratching my drunken passed out self all the way home really does add to the whole "EW, I just hope he doesn't come to and start talking..." thing. So maybe I can, in fact, maybe I should call that the icing on the cake.

Eventually I woke back up at my station (the last on the line fortunately) and wandered home.

It's all good time I go out all 'classy' and dressed up and 'proper' and on my 'best behaviour' and stuff, I can look back on yesterday and remind myself of how UNclassy, UNdignified, IMproper and how UNgracefull I really can be.
See? I knew there was method behind the maddness.


(I just checked up, and this is post number 25, so YAY to that too)

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Got a BIG assessment peice due in first thing in the morning, and haven't heard from either of the other two people in my group since Friday.
This, my freinds, could well be a problem....
We are doing a debate in Sociology, on whether "Marketing Defines Teenhood". There are only 3 of us, so right off the bat, it was going to be an interesting one to do.
So we decided to present our debate in a television style forum, ie, presenter (me), and one from each of the two camps; one advocating the view that marketing DOES define teenhood, that teenhood is a social construct; and the other person advocating the view that teenhood has been with us all along and that marketers, advertisers and generally anyone who has anything to sell taylor their goods and their marketing strategies to suit the market - the teen market in this case.
Which is all good. I have my view, but as the "presenter" of this topic, I should be keeping them to myself.
The problem is though, that I have written my introduction, and yes, I do have the 'loaded' questions for my "guests", but I have NO idea what the hell they're going to do, or who is who. I especially haven't had a chance to go over their points and counter points to help (as we are working on this together) clarify them and to even further taylor my questions.
So, I sit here, at 10pm, waiting for emails - and blogging.

And so, I sit, and wait...

Edit Note...
12:30 Monday Morning and STILL WAITING.
My conclusion....We're up shit creek.

Friday, April 21, 2006

New stuff

Ok, so I'm 'working' hard right now.

In my last post, I mentioned that I think that we should be celebrating something other than Easter on the Solctice.
Well, I guess I really meant that I think we should celebrate something other than Easter on the EQUINOX.

The solctice is when the Sun reaches its Northern or Southern-most points on its journey, on around the 22nd of June and December.
The one I was talking about, is the EQUINOX, when the sun crosses the equator.

Anywayz.....The now TOOL album is well on the way.
"10,000 Days" is what its be called.
For a peak at the cover, got to Alex Grey, who designed this cover also.
Great stuff.

While your there/alternatively, have a look at this page of stuff I haven't seen before. There's some awesome artwork 'goin on' here.
If only I had half this guy's talent.

Still 'working hard'.

SO, I better get back to that - or Ping Pong.
More soon. Catch

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Deleting Numbers

Ok, so it isnt every day I get a woman's phone number.
You've seen my pikture.

So last week I got a friend of a friends' number.
She is gorgeous, smart, etc.
I got her number after she suggested that we'd 'see each other around sometime' or 'catch up'.

But can I call???

NO. Not a fuckin chance.
Why? Cos the same old useless shit will happen.
I'll find out how "unique and special" I am (Quoting the MissV here), then wonder why if I reallly am so Unique and Special and all that shit, you just go and fuck off. Ok, so with MissV, as I found out much later, there was a legitimate reason. A reason NO person should ever have to confront. But that was only one. There're have been others.

Some beautiful women in there. All of them claiming the same old shit. And frankly, I'm over it. I'm sick of hearing it...put yer money where yer mouth is.

Besides, if it were so fuckin true, then why at 32 does one still struggle to find a match of any half reasonable kind.

So, the simple solution....
Delete the number. Can't call her now.
No call, no bullshit.

Simple, the way I want it.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Blah blah blah

Hey all.
I forgot what I was saying.
Was I saying anything?
Was what I say anything?
Ok, so I've got that outta my system, I shall continue....
Hope y'all had a good Easter.
I kinda have to say though, that I really do think its more than silly for us in Australia to celebrate Easter with a Bunny delivering Chocolate Eggs.
Don't get me wrong, I have NO problem with Choclate Eggs; Choclate ANYTHING actually.
But A RABBIT delivering Chocolate Eggs?
Where is the sense in that?
Especially in the Southern Hemishere, in a country that the Rabbit has done untold damage to.
The Rabbit, as an introduced species (brought over from Europe by White Fella) has in some areas completely destroyed the natural environment; Land, Flora and Fauna. Rabbits are a pest, to the point our top environmentalists and science labs have poured truckloads of money into eradicating them.
But we celebrate a religious ritual with them.
Does that not say something about Australians?
How 'bout this then......
In Pre Christian times ( the Pagan 30,000 odd years), Easter, or something similar, was celebrated at around the Spring Solctice. This ritual was to celebrate the season of Fertility... new life. Kinda like the 'new life' of Christ I guess.
So, taking the Christ bit out of the equation, we in the south are now in Autumn, preparing for Winter, not preparing for the bounty of Spring and Summer.
So why don't we in the Southern Hemisphere, in Australia, celebrate Easter, or something similar, at OUR Spring Solctice, in honour of the coming warm weather and new life and survival of Winter and all those things?
I actually was just wandering around the blogosphere, and happened to visit MissPolitics blog, and scrolled down to her post which very breifly mentions the Pagan ritual of Samhain.
This is the true festival we should be celbrating here now, not Easter/Baltain.

Monday, April 10, 2006

A piKture of ME!

Pictures OF Vinnie!
(Its kinda more real than you'd probably actually reckon)
And now:
The "real' Mini-Vinnie-me.
(or is it?)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

One more Look

Just in case you missed it the first million or so times.....


It's been awhile.
But I think I'm back-ish.
It's been a bugger of a month, from just before March till now, but hopefully (touch wood) things are settling down a bit now.
Studies continue, Union contiues, and so does life.
So over the next few posts, starting from during the week most likely, I'll fill the world in on the last month of Mini-Vinni-Me-Ville.
Until then though, take care and I'll write soon.

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