Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Post number 50 and narrative

Hey all. Post number 50. Yay me.
Ok, I'm over that.

I was thinking the other night, and for some reason, the idea of Narrative dawned on me, like a mini epiphany.
Narrative, as in, the bare bones of a story. The absolute bare essentials. The framework.

Boy leaves home.
Boy wanders.
Boy faces adversity.
Boy is outcast.
Boy overcomes adversity/becomes Man.
Man finds his place.
Man assumes kingdom.
(This very roughly from 'The Stone and the Flute', a fantasy novel I read ages ago. The authors name I don't remember.)

The rest of the story, the novel, is the flesh on the skeleton. And together, they make a great book.
A story with all detail and no real outcome, narrative, is just as hard to read and make sense of. All flesh and no skeleton therefore, and is as incomplete as a story that is all skeleton and no flesh.

The next night, I was reading some blogs, and found on Cloe's "Froth on the Daydream" Blog, this post titled "My Plot" , about narrative, rather, about her living her daily life and its little moments as narrative.

I realised, as I read her post, that I have no narrative.
Like a badly written story, my 'life' is noe more than mere and loosely dis-connected randomness - with the occasional bout of bad dialogue thrown in for good measure.
This 'story' has no narrative and no real body, or flesh, just a handful of tendons - pardon the pun.
Ok, there are the very rare mini-narratives scattered around the place, but generally not too fleshy or even daily...
Boy gets up.
Goes to office/class.
Comes home.
Goes back to bed.
And so on and so forth, generally on a loop.

And I think this is evidenced by this blog.
After 50 post, it really only meandered to, well, nowhere.

Maybe the next 50 will lead somewhere or to something.
Fingers crossed.

PS...I found this on the AGE online today. Scroll down - Look familiar?
It should, it is mine and you'll also find it here!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Foto Monday

Hey Guys.
Busy this week with the magazine, so instead of writing for ya, I'll photo for ya.
This one from about 2 weeks ago, late evening.
I'll have some words real soon though.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tip for the Day

Today, in a new Tradition I'm setting, a tradition that has no precedent on this blog, and a tradition that I'll no doubt break by the end of the week, is:

Today's tip...
Wait until AFTER the storm has passed before going to the local Safeway for the evening's snacks (which I might add are waiting for me right now).

Empirical/Anecdotal Evidence:
Well, early this afternoon, I decided to go to my local Safeway, to get my snack-foodage for tonights stage of the Tour de France. Yeah, it was actually a bit pre-meditated, as I also wanted a coffee and a read at one of my fave local coffee shops/hangouts. Unfortunately, this particular coffee shop was closed, so I went straight in for the snack food purchasing...

After making said purchase,nI came out of Safeway to the almighty roar of marble sized hail stones crashing to the ground and about 2inches of running water along the footpath.
So, I decided to wait it out.
So I waited. The tempest abated, then more hail fell - the tempest returned.
I awaited the tempest's next abatement.
Than I left for home ... On foot I should mention.

Anyhow, about three quarters of the way home, a third, and most prolific tempest surged upon me. By the time I arrived at my abode, I was soaked through and freezing.

Hence my Tip for The Day...
Wait antil AFTER the storm has passed before going to the local Safeway for the evening's snacks!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I don't care who started it,
Seriously, if we took all the money that has been spent on bombs and on killing each other over the last week, I'm certain...
I'm as sure as Hell...
that if we took all that money and all those resources,
all the bombs being used to kill,
and all the boats evacuating people..
and spent it all on, say,
or say,
for the World's Poorest and most desperate and most destitute and all the people living on LESS THAN A DOLLAR A DAY,
for ONE WEEK...
the World will be a happier, healthier, more harmonious and probably SAFER place than it is now.
if we could do it for ONE WEEK.
ONE WEEK of NOT killing each other and spending
doing it.
Imagine what we could do if we stopped killing each other and spending millions of dollars in the proccess, and spent those $ on feeding the poor and looking after their HEALTH...
What a beautiful World we
Imagine that.
Do we want it badly enough?

Friday, July 14, 2006

Foto Friday

Because I don't wanna spend too much time on a 'real' post, I'll post a Friday Foto instead.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

2 Legged Curse

I am a walking curse.

Everything I turn my (not so) blessed hand to, turns ultimately to shit.
I'm not a nihilist. Well, actually, I am, but not on this one...It's true.

Three examples...

1) Carlton Football Club
In Melbourne here, our major code of Football is of course, Aussie Rules or AFL.
The team I follow, and have followed all my life in Aussie Rules is Carlton.
This was great, for a while.
Carlton still actually hold the record as being the most successful club in the 100 plus year history of the AFL - Australian Football League, formerly known as the Victorian Football League (VFL) (as it was exclusively Victorian until the league went national) with like 16 Premierships. Until, that is, I bought a membership.
That's right, in the year 2002, I decided to show my love of my club by becoming a member and showing my support for the club financially.

2002 was the year the club basically went broke, was found to be fraudulent and well frankly, died in the arse; oh and was severely punished by the League's administration for Salary Cap breaches - ie they got cought cheatin'.

I figure it was my fault as I was the one who jinxed the club - obviously.

Carlton Football Club haven't yet recovered. In fact since 2002, we have'nt made the finals and 2003 was our first EVER Wooden Spoon (dead last in the competition) and we are reallt close to gaining that honour again this season - we have only won 2 games this season, a season that is 14 (i think) games old. I'd say recovery is still at least a few years off.

Empirical evidence 2) of my being a walking curse...
The Socceroos.
Do I really need to go into this one?
Well, as much as I love my Aussie Rules Footy, I also love the beautiful game, the world game, I love Soccer. Yes, I must admit to having a deep appreciation of the game prior to the World Cup just gone, but this was the first time I really got into following Soccer - Football. As in really got into the game...looking for the structures, the details, who's who etc.
But then,
Italy beat Australia (controversely) in the World Cup round of 16.

So I figured, as I've explained before, that this too was my doing, and I still hold onto this, so Australia, I am still prepared to wear this one - lay the blame at my feet.

Empirical Evidence 3)...
Italy vs France.
Yep, I got behind France to take out the final of the World Cup, and guess what....

Need I say more? I think not.

Friday, July 07, 2006

A funny thing happens

Daily, I wander aroung the place, with my head up my arse, blissfully unaware of anything going on around me, and come up with all kinds of cool stuff to sprout on about when I next sit down to blog.
Then, once the next time I sit down to blog comes around, nothing - nada - nil - zilch.
I just have a head partially full of half baked random thoughts - and I use the term thoughts rather loosely, with no substance what-so-ever and subsequently of course, nothing to write.
Hance the half baked, loose random empty 'posts' i send into the Blog-ether.

Today, It's all gonna change.


Gimme a sec.

Seriously now.

See, this is what actually happens when I sit to blog...
I could 'tell' you about my day.

Today for example...I got up. I caught a train. I bought a CD. Shot some Black and Whites (photo's that is - not innocent passers by, one thing I'm NOT is a belltower kinda guy). Caught a train home. Had a coffee on the way from the station. Tried to write a little more of a short story I'm doing - but ran out of ink (yes I use a notebook and pen for ideas and first drafts). Came home. Checked emails. Now Blogging. (yes I know there was a serious and glaring change of tense used there/here).

But that seems pretty boring.

So maybe I could go into my mental state today, and tell you all what I'm thinking, what my major concerns were/are for the day. But that could well get me arrested.
It's also, I guess, not as simple as just 'telling'.
Maybe I could give a quick rundown...
Let me see.

I was thinking about how attracted to brunettes I am. I was thinking how much one could use (for want of a better word) the company of a lady - ok, how much I need the company of a woman. How would one go about meeting a woman one was actually attracted to - knowing that that type (again, for want of a better word) of woman just doesn't 'go for' blokes like me. I was also thinking about how could I change my life to become less unattractive; how I could 'market' myself better. But should I anyhow? I am who I am, as much as I wish I wasn't - I said these things just can't be told. - Etc.

Or I could relate an anecdote revealing some of who I am...
For example, how glad I am I bought a new camera and am shooting (photos remember - not the belltower type - yet) and quite surprised how it has all come back to me: my eye, the feeling of being creative with film and light, even though I have a long way to go to be taking the shots (photo's - not belltower) I would like to be taking; seeing the world through that little window. Some of the improvement I know will come with time and overcoming the over-eagerness to shoot - the triggerhappyness (PHOTOS), and gaining the 'feel' for how different things will look, different films, all those kinds of things - just the general familiarity and comfort that will come again with time.

Or I could go into my hope and dreams... pretty short list actually.
One is to undress a woman - properly (I know I know, starting to sound like a freak who's thinking about how cool belltowers are).
And to make a living from producing my writing and photographs.

I'd like to fit in too, just fit into the world. At least find a place I DID fit in.
That'd be cool.

See, I could say all these things here, but, well, that's pretty boring, and pretty downtrodden. I'd just bore and depress you all. And I don't wanna do that. So I won't 'tell' you these kinda stuff.
I'll just post the half baked, loose random, empty 'posts' I send into the Blog-ether.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lazy Melbourne Winter

I love Melbourne and I love Winter.
This shot from about last week or so.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Too MySpace or not to MySpace?

That is the big question.

To FlickR, or not to FlickR?

That is the question.

Is FlickR safe? As in, are your images ripped off?
Mainly, what if I post an image and it turns up wherever and breaches the Commons agreements?

Is there any way of 'tracking' any use of your image?


Sunday, July 02, 2006

How's this?

Just stumbled upon another "Life and Times".
Argh, the cheek.

Viva le France, Viva le Tour and Viva SBS

I think that about sums it up.

Viva le France:
Well done to France in defeating Brazil (everyone's second favourite football team - but for me).
I hope France does the job and grabs the cup. Hopefully I haven't put my jinx on them.

While on the topic of le France,

Viva le Tour:
Yay. The Tour de France is on again.
I don't know why, but I love watching the Tour.

Speaking of watching World Cup and le Tour,

Viva le SBS:
who broadcast all games and every single of the 3,000+ kilometres to us...Free to air and live.
Lots of late nights and inhumanely early mornings, but all well worth it.

While on the topic of congratulating independent/non-mainstream media makers,

Viva le Moi:
Voted in as Chief Editor of TR - our Uni student publication.

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