Monday, August 28, 2006

Interview PTII

The interview the horrible bit.
Transcribing it.
My vioce on tape.
Other than that I think it went ok. We covered all the ground i wanted to cover, got all the questions in I wanted in.
She (Stephanie) was a joy, she'd really take the answering to the full extent and in quite a few cases, led me into other questions i had, and even inadvertantly answered a few without me needing to ask.
Back to transcribing...and my voice...EW!
I just listened to the whole thing back, the tape, and it actually wasn't too bad an interview.
Yeah, ok, so maybe i'm being a bit biased, but I think I managed to get some really good questions in. MV...a pat on the back for being semi-professional and not making (too much) of a dick of yourself.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Hey, it's not everday one gets to interview one of one's all-time favourite bands. But tomorrow afternoon, after many emails and calls and all that sort of thing with the 'people' from their label, i will (touchwood) be speaking to Stephanie Ashworth, bass player of Something For Kate. (And here for Something For Kate's MySpace.)

This is actually kinda scary in a way. I've chosen always to steer away from 'less professional' bands, waiting for my chance (somehow knowing it would always one day come, even though I've never chased it up), to chat with the bands that are more media savvy and (in my mind) matter and are let's face, of a fairly high profile.
Now I have that chance, I know that with these guys, I can't screw up. These guys are pro, this is their life and to screw up is a lost, rare opportunity, that may not come again.
To do well though, to ask cool interesting questions and to write the interview up accuratley and to GAIN THEIR RESPECT, can open up doors later on, and well, as we all know, word of mouth is a double edged sword - it can be a great tool or it can destroy a career.

But yes, I am excited. I've followed these guys for about 7 or 8 years now, met them a few times (they are cool), seen heaps of shows. I kinda hope i don't come across as some kind of, like, 15 year old school girl glimpsing Paris H(o), all star-struck and stuff.

Please, Vinnie me, once in your life, be professional.

Better write some questions.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Time for Change!

I found this little stencil on a wall down a back alley off a laneway in the City somewhere.
For ages I've had the idea of coming up with a slogan to the same effect, for a t-shirt, a stencil, an email signature or even to paint on a board and sit out on the street for a while just to see what kind of reaction I'd get. I have spent quite some time on the train throwing possibilities around my head and playing with the wording to get it as simple and direct as possible, in as few words as possible.
But, this dude here, beat me to it. So I'll post a picture of his (or her) work.
It's a pity I can't attribute it.

Monday, August 21, 2006

So Close... setting up a FlickR account.

In other news, not much. Happy to see the Smashing Pumpkins are reforming.
TR has hit a bit of a snag - we have no current Layout staff, our one and only layout person is on IBL (Industry Based Learning - kinda like Internship).
I'm so close to setting up a FlickR account (as I said), but I'm just not sure about it. I don't know why, I'm just not. Yes, I would dearly love to make a career of taking photographs, but is FlickR a help or a hinderance. Hmmm.

I think that is all the grey matter is capable of digging up today.

Speak soon,

Friday, August 18, 2006

Tip Of the Day: 2

Ok, a while ago I started a tradition on my blog here of "Tip of The Day". In my other tradition, that of not following my own traditions, I did not follow that "ToTD" tradition...
Until now that is...

Here we go! TODAY'S TIP!

Always keep an eye out the train window to see where exactly you are.
In my own case, I usually don't have to follow this tip/advice. I live at the end of the line, so I can't really go any further by accident than my destination. An announcement always comes on through the PA aboard the train, so that if one is dozey and/or not paying attention, one is more than likely to hear this announcement and start paying attention, pack up and leave the train.
The train I catch home is on a split line, that is, two lines run most of the way, until at one point they split into two different lines, so yes, as the train approaches this one particular station where the two lines go their seperate ways, one does pay a little more attention here, especially on evening services (as its a 50/50 service one each way), just to make sure one has the right train, or needs to change.

So anyways, today I'm all over the place; trains here, walking there, trains back etc. I got to Richmond Station (about the third or fourth time for the day), which is a fairly major station through which several lines run.
I did everything right. I promise. I checked the screen above the platform I wanted for the next train, and when it arrived, I jumped aboard - as you do. I then crouched myself near the door, as the carriage was fairly full, and I wasn't going far anyhow, and proceeded to lose myself in my 'paper - head up my arse, blissfully unaware of where I was moment to moment.

After a few stops, I checked out through the open (the train had pulled into a station) door, just to see exactly where I was. I thought it weould've been Hawthorn by the number of stops.
Looking out though, I noticed that Hawthorn Sation looked, well - different.
How so? I didn't know at this stage, but it was definately different.
I caught sight of a station sign ... Heyington. Even the sign of the station name looked different.

No Way.
I looked again. It seemed by now the station and the name of the station, not only looked different; they were different.

I had caught the wrong train. Not only wrong train - which would have been cool on it's own, as either of the (so I thought) three services that come through the platform I caught this train from go through my to destination - but (as I was saying) not only had I caught the wrong train, BUT I HAD CAUGHT THE WRONG LINE!

I jumped off the train and ran out onto the platform, looking around me for clues as to what was going on, hoping that other commuters were as confused and as indignant as I was at the stupidity of the driver for going the wrong way (unfortunately, every single other passenger was looking calm and well, normal; as though the train was going to the right place - damn them all), and at the same time trying to look as casual as I could, hoping no-one saw the indescretion I had by now realised was actually mine (ahem, damn that train driver for not telling me).
I got my bearings, got over onto the other platform and caught the next train back to where I had come from, still hoping no-one saw me. I don't think anyone had, or if they had seen me go back the way I had just come, they covered it up well, which does mean that right now, I am the laughing stock now...everyone they speak to this evening will hear of ME, the guy that obviously caught the WRONG TRAIN!

Luckily though, I had only veered from my intended destination, and more importantly, the line I needed to be on by one stop, so I only had to go back by one stop, to rejoin the world.

And so here I sit now, offering you all the empirical evedence you need to take heed of my "Tip of The Day" for today, Friday the 18th of August, 2006

PS. Long Tan day. 40 years since the Battle of Long Tan in VietNam. To all the diggers who served, and especially those who did not come home, you will not be forgotten.
Let Peace Reign.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

Confrontations over Public/Private space.

Went shooting yesterday. 2 Rolls. B&W - 1 to be pull proccessed and one to be severly push processed. Can't wait to see all that.
I was shooting out on Swanston St in the CBD, just finishing up, and spotted a cool little scene - a whole bunch of empty tables and chairs out the front of one of the 'restaurants' along the strip. So I crouched down to get the angle I wanted, framed, metered the light and was just about to shoot when a huge hand reached across the front of the lens and a booming voice called out "No Photos".
"What?" I asked.
"No photos", standing in front of me reaching out for MY camera was this huge guy, obviously the proprieter. (Have I spelt that correctly?)
"You can't take photos here."
"This is my place"
This was out the front of his (empty) 'restaurant', on the footpath. "This is public space" I claimed, "I can take pictures here and you can't stop me"
"Yes I can. This is mine."
"No its not. This is the footpath, this is public space and you can't stop me. Inside is yours and you can stop me there, but I'm not inside."
"It's my place" he reiterated. "Piss off"
Confident of myself (I've studied this), I asked "Do you own this? Or do you pay a fee for a permit to the City Council to have your tables out here?"
"I have a permit"
"Then there you go. I'm perfectly entitled to take pictues here".
He was getting pretty angry by now, so I went back to my task... taking pictures. He moved in front of where I was framing and stood there, hands on hips.
"I'm actually pretty patient mate, so you might be there a while" I put him on notice, as I had plenty of time, I am patient when I'm waiting for a shot and I had reason to dig in. I had a purpose. I was gonna wait there and take that shot, all 30th of a second of it, if it took me all night and all day today ... I WAS GETTING THAT PICTURE, WHETHER HE LIKED IT OR NOT.
So a framed up and waited. I was waiting at the same time for him or one of his charges to call the cops or something too, as I knew, 100%, that I was right and that they would concur. And I had it from his own mouth too - He paid a fee to the City Council for a permit to set up there. The Council runs that bit of land. I was gonna have it my way.
A moment or two later, one of his employees, who was originally in the frame, came over to me. "What are ya takin a photo of?"
"Just the empty tables and chairs. The pattern of the style you have looks really cool."
"Oh. He thought you were taking pictures of us."
"Nahh, I'm not A current Affair. Just like taking photos."
"Oh OK then. You're OK".

So I thanked him, took the shot and glared down the shop owner as I walked away, almost dissapointed he didn't call the police. It would've made him look like the dick he was, and publicly too ... Very publicly. Anyone who knows Melbourne knows how busy Swanston St is at 6-7pm.

I'm pretty sure its gonna be a fairly average shot too, as I was experimenting with the films and the push proccessing more than anything else.
Ahh, anyhoo.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I couldn't think of a better title...Sorry.

Hey, does anyone out there know how, or if, I can scan slides and colour negs?
I tried with these (above) before, and had no idea, so, I messed around with Photoshop for a while and came up with what you see.
I kinda like 'em, but, I started out hoping I could just scan them up. I have heaps of slides I'd like to scan.

Anyhoo, tomorrow, I'm out shooting - I get paid and so therefore some film. Yay.

That's it for today...oh, actually, one more thing....
Keifer Sutherland. or not?

Bye for now...Mini Vinnie.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

An answer to one of life's GREAT mysteries.

I'm often asked, by people of from walks of life, how I keep my skin so pastey and grey.
People are ALWAYS coming up to me - office girls, workers on buiding sites, Mothers and Fathers with young children, strangers on the train - an assortment of people you'd be astonished at, are always approaching me and saying "Minnie Vinnie, how do you do it? How do you keep that eternal Pastey Grey tone to your skin?"

I've never known.
It's actually embarrassing to tell people that. When they work up the courage to make their way to me and ask their burning question, all I can do is shrug my shoulders nonchalently and say "I Dunno. It just comes natural I guess.'
Even the lovely people from Pro-Active Solutions can't answer the question.

I may just have found a reason.
And yes, I will tell.

I get to the Milkbar this morning, on the way to the station, where I decided that I was hungry and needed some breakfast. Some may suggest that waiting till I'm at the Milkbar to decide such a thing is a triffle childish and even 'unhealthy'.
Some may ask why I was at the Milkbar even? Well, that's a very good question. Y'see, every morning (actually, afterrnoon most days), when I'm on my way out for the day, I stop at my local Milkbar for a drink called IceBreak.
IceBreak is yummy. IceBreak is my daily, 'as I leave and get on the train', coffee milk drink.

As I mentioned earlier though, I had decided that I was also hungry and needed food, as well as coffee for breaklfast. What, I hear you ask, did one - CAN one get from a Milkbar for breakfast. Glad you asked.
KIT-KAT Bar! YAY! Chocolate AND Wafer!
Breakfast of champions. IceBreak and KIT-KAT!

PLUS...while I was there, I checked, and you guessed it, I needed cigarettes. So a pack of my delicios li'l Marlboro Lights was added to the list; which by this stage, which was the leaving the Milkbar and going to the station stage. The entire list :
1 IceBreak
1 Packet Marlboro Lights.

And that's been it for the day - hance people, the Pastieness and the Greyness!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A post and a piktur

I'd like to post something poignant and earth shattering ( not literally) today, but my grey matter just isn't in the mood - less in the mood than normal that is.

Today, all I've really done was run (not literally) around campus posting flyers on our magazine stands calling for submissions for the next issue to go into production, as the next issue that we'll be releasing is in production right now. I know what I mean.

Anyhoo, so as I was saying, I can't be bothered with an (not litterally) earth shattering post, so here is a picture I took a while back. It ws taken several years ago on a beautiful warm, sunny Autumn afternnon in a pine plantation in the Buckland Valley in the Victorian highlands. Across to the right, on the far side of the valley and out of sight, is the amazing Mt Buffallo - so called because the sheer face gives the appearence of buffallo hide. This really is a beautiful part of Victoria. Had plenty of adventures up around this area. Anyhow, its one of my way, WAY favourites.
It's kind of how I feel today.

Enjoy, and be peaceful.

Monday, August 07, 2006


more of a drop in and say Hi kind of a post today than anything else.
Doing magazine stuff, for this AND the next issue...I figure there's no point in leaving the next issue as late as this one was.
So I set a deadline and theme and made flyers to go up around the place.

Tomorrow I'll finish my little epic for THIS issue - epic only as its taken SO long to write. It's only gonna be around 18-1900 words when it is done, but, boy, getting those last few hundred right... I should mention its a fiction piece, so I'm extra anally retentive with it. But, on the other hand, when it IS done, I'll start on the next part of it, which is already floating around in my head, which is to take a so far not-so-successful longer (3,000 so far) piece and combine the two, which are fairly similar thematically anyway, to make one (hopefully) decent story.
But we'll see how that one goes as I get into it.

Other than that, just proofing here, still getting the last content together, hopefully I can send it all of to the printer in a week or so, then concentrate on Issue 5.
See, and this leads me in to why I've started geting on issue 5 going so early.
Most people have finished their part of the issue (4) that I'm now putting together, so instead of leaving them all hanging like loose threads for a fortnight or however long, I can get their focus on that next issue, number 5.
So there we go...It all makes sense to me, even if I made no sense here, but I didn't even mean to get this involved here tonight, cos, as I said originally, this was going to be a HI post, not Crime and Punishment, cos, apart from anything else, I'm starving and need food.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Guess who discovered YOU TUBE? Yes, of course, ME!

Japan Silent library ( 無声図書館、 非常におかしい!!)^^

There's a whole bunch of these Japanese "Silent Library". Safe for work... If you can remain silent enough.

Mentos and Diet Coke - Be warned, do not try this at home! (A mate's place is fine)

Mentos and diet coke

Check this shit out.
This is awesome. Haven't tried it though (yet - ahh what can I say, boys WILL be boys).
Ow. I have a headache from laughing too hard!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Late night TV

I am a HUGE fan of late night TV. So huge in fact, that I can sit and watch endless hours of crap without even beginning to think about, well, er... anything, let alone how crap the television that I'm watching actually is.
However, over the last week and a half, this has all changed.
And not because of a shift in my conciousness, oh no, my third eye is still well and truly in its dormant stage. I say dormant, because it isn't even in its infant stage.
This has all changed due to a new phenomena taking over my apathy box, a new revolution in late night TV content.

Live-to-air quiz shows.

You read correctly. They have these new 'shows' (and I use the term very, very loosely), where some presenter stands in a live-to-air studio, ranting on about who knows what, 'bantering' with the crew, with some crappy quiz on the screen, all the while urging us all to call in and WIN WIN WIN CASH CASH CASH!

Huge sums of cash they offer too. A whole $25 or $50 is on offer. Ok, so there are some decent sums too, up to about a grand or so.

Here's the deal. Presenter stands there amusing (and I use the term very, very loosely) us, while urging us to call in.
Callers get through to the studio.
Caller gives their answer - usually its not the correct answer.
More people call.
Presenter keeps crapping on (and I use the term very , very strongly).
More people call (at fairly high call rates mind you), and eventually we get a "winner" (who probably has a huge phone bill to pay with that CASH CASH CASH).
A new 'game' is set up.
And the whole thing goes on and on (and on) like this for a couple hours.

Now, it may sound a little like I'm just having a whinge over one little program I can easily ignore. And such was the case about a year or so ago, when the first of these 'shows' turned up, the "Up Late Game Show" on Network 10, which replaced "BigBrother Up Late", which has again just finshed here (YAY). But last week, channel 9 began the "Quizmaster", then channel 7 'gave' (and I use the term very, very loosely) us the same thing but called the "Zoo...." something-or-other as well as this week, the return of "Up Late Game Show" on 10.

What the hell is wrong with crappy old sitcoms nobody actually laughs at, or, like in the old days, some reject soapie we could watch secretly and not talk about? Or even old movies?


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm angry and confused

I'm neither for or against the existence of the Israeli State. Despite the obvious problems it has caused in the region, and the world. Maybe, for the sake of peace, another solution to the 'problem' can be found.
However, there are two major issues that make me angry right now...apart from the murdering of hundreds of innocent people in Lebanon and the fact that the 'precision' and 'surgical' targetting seems to be killing more civillians that Hizbollah.

How can it be that Israel, the 'champion' of democracy in the region, can strike a soveriegn nation, a fledgelling democracy, to force that nation to close off its democracy to certain and specific groups? I am in NO way endorsing Hizbollah...if it is armed. Hizbollah have members in the Lebanese parliament. Although they are armed as a group, they act also within the democracy. Of course, a group that is armed (including western armies - the rogues) should be outlawed and disarmed.
But this is a long long political process as well as security issue - see IRA. It took Britain and Sinn Fein a long time to see eye to eye and agree to lay their arms down. A similar process (INMHO) must be undertaken between Lebanon and Hizbollah primarily, and with Israel.
But unfortunately, as we see on out TV screens daily at the moment, Hizbollah are only growing in strength and numbers as a result in the bombs being drooped on the Lebanese people.

How can a peace process even be contemplated while the US is arming Israel with one hand, and trying to 'negotiate' peace with the other? Where is the 'good faith' coming from that will get everyone to the table?
Why is the US exempt from the double standards of arming Israel, while they accuse Iran and Syria of arming Hizbollah? I know people would say, "Oh but Hizbollah are terrorists and Iran and Syria are guilty of arming them!" Ok, Hizbollah aren't angels, no doubt there, but ask yourself:
Are you sure about the link? Are you 100% sure of that? Remember WMD's? Remember the 'link' between Saddam and Osama? Remember the 'link' between Saddam and 9/11?
Ask yourself this: If all this precision bombing landed a bomb on a houseful of kids, then how sure are we to ever be of the 'link' between Hizbollah and Syria/Iran if that information comes from the same source as the instructions to bomb that buiding?

I'm not saying the link isn't there, it may well be for all I know. I'm definately not saying Hizbollah are the good guys here.

More to the point though, what I AM trying to say, rather ask, is, haven't we moved on and grown up from all this violence yet? Must we resort to Violence?
I sincerely believe there are other ways to handle these confrotations. We just have to convince our 'leaders' that there are!

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