Thursday, September 28, 2006

Silver Beard

Silver Beard
Originally uploaded by memaxmarz.

Look at this guys eyes.

Here is the photograper's own description of this shot...

"This man was rooting through the garbage cans on the street and he wasn't able to communicate well. He nodded to my request for a photo, and when I asked him his name, his voice was very rusty. I couldn't make out what he was saying. As soon as I snapped two photos he was off down the alley."

Photo by:

Janis Brass, Vancouver

My heart breaks.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Touching base.

Hey all... al three of you that is.
Just dropping in to say HI. I been busy with the latest TR deadline.

Um, what else...?
Um, I spent most of Saturday with my brother and my li'l niece, she turned 4months on Friday.
I went out and drank too much on Friday night...had a couple revelations though - tell you 'bout them another time.
Still going woth "Museum of Dirt" on flickr - getting it all sorted and figuring it out.
Been sleeping stupid hours, as usual...5am to 1pm. I dunno, they're just the hours that work for me. I just can't sleep before then, and I wake without an alarm at the same, right time everyday.
Which is good and bad.
Good, cos I reckon my health is picking up; bad cos it doesn't really suit the "real" world. But it's still around the 'recommended' 8 hrs. Hmm, strange.
I met a really really fascinating young lady a couple weeks ago, I'll tell you all about that soon though.
Um, I think that's about it too.

I haven't been visiting many blogs of late either...that ones just due to slackness I think.

All I can think of for now,
speak soon, well, actually write and bore you to death soon,
mini Vinnie.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Don't ya Hate it ...

Ok, two things today.

First, quickly, Don't ya hate it when...
Only a week ago one sets up a new email account, as I did this time last week in response to a suggestion by one of the Tabula writers, as a dedicated "Letters to the Editor" account. Up until now, we've never had one. Only the email address for submissions.
So I went into google, sent myself an invite and set up a new account, for Letters to the Editor.
I, being Editor, would of course be the one receiving the Letters, good and bad, so I set it up with a name that would be fairly simple to remember (for my own benefit as well as letter writers) and obvious and distictly for Letters to the Ed and not to submissions or any other area of the magazine that might get mixed up. And so, an obvious, simple, memorable and distinct name was chosen, a password was allocated and Bingo! I had my account for Letters to the Editor.
So anywayz, tonight I'm making up a little flyer to go in the next mag with all the direct Tabula email addresses, so that all the addresses are public, easy, there etc.

So I get to the Letters address.
WTF was it? I couldn't remember it - for the life of me.
I searched all my other accounts for the address, cos surely, even though I didn't actually WRITE the address down on a bit of paper, I'd have sent myself an email to assure myself it was all working fine, wouldn't I?
But nuh. No, Zero , Zilch, Nil, Nada, Nothing.
No address anywhere.

I had NO idea now what the address was, and no way of finding it out either, cos, I had no evidence of it actually existing in the first place. There were no records. (note to self - don't become dodgy businessman with illegal, dodgy dealings worldwide, cos for sure, I'm gonna lose track of my own intricate web of intrigue).

So, I figured I was gonna have to set up a(nother) new account.
So, I sent myself another invite, went through the whole process (this was after an hour and a half racking my brain and searching high and low) and got to the bit where I name the new account and the address. So, I thought to myself, what would be a good email address for Letter to the Editor?
Oh, I know.
So I keyed in the name I thought would be a great name for our Letters address. Guess what?
Some crazy bugger had got in before me, er, hang on.
I went back to th esign in page, used that name and one or two of a couple passwords that sounded right.

Guess what?

I found my email account, the username and address.


Somehow I'd forgotten the address, but managed to think up the same name again when I went to re-name the account!!!!

Anyhoo, I have big news today!
No, I'm not pregnant.
Yes, as you're aware by now, I am a dick.

But this had nothing to do with either...
I have FINALLY got a FlickR account going.
After many months of debating it with myself, I've done it.

So, if you have spare time, the inclination/curiousity, you're dead bored or you just love my work (and who wouldn't - you're only human), HERE IS ME AT FLICKR!
Please come along and have a squiz.

Out for now...

Sunday, September 10, 2006


just a damn lazy Sunday here. nothing much at all going on.
I'm supposed to be cutting the lawns, doing washing (part of which I have actually done) and a few other things.
But as I said, it a lazy I might go back to bed.

Meanwhile though, have a look at this.
It's called "the Bell Project". The people here taking a brass bell around America, tolling it at various places, and watching to see people's reactions. What an awesome idea.
And here's me calling it a lazy Sunday - see, I did do something productive. i found their blog.

Oh, that and I've set up my FlickR account, at last. Now I have to get to the drive with all my pics. (So, if I were you, which I am not, I wouldn't look for my photos at that link yet, cos there aren't any there.)

Yay Mini Vinnie.
Speak soon.

Friday, September 08, 2006


I really don't know what to say folks.
The death this afternoon of Australin Motor Racing legend Peter Brock has really knocked me.
Like really knocked me.

yeah, i know, he was a racing car driver, a person whom I never met.
And yes, further, he was a racing driver who died in a crash during a racing event...but that doesn't diminish the place this man has in my world. If anything, it inspires... he, like Steve Irwin earlier this week, died doing what he loved doing, rather than waiting for old age or a random bus. And yes, there are inherent risks with Motor Sport - but for someone with his profile, this just isn't meant to be. Like Steve Irwin again, Brocky was indestructable.

I grew up on a diet of Motor Racing. As far back as I can remember, Dad used to take us all out to Sandown Racecourse for the Sandown 500, and to watch the Fords of Dick Johnson (we are a Ford family) take on Brocky in his Holdens. It was always a huge day for us, a long, exciting, day, full of car racing, the noise of the cars and the smell of racing fuel, and, I remember, junk food (Mum and Dad let us really get into the day).
Always, Brocky was our "nemessis", being "the guy that drove the other car".

Then, a few weeks later, the week after the VFL (i'm being nostalgic here) Grand Final, it would be up at 7, the TV tuned in to chanel 7 and a long long day spent in front of the Tele watching Bathurst - the 1000km race at Mt Panorama, where Brocky earned the title "King of The Mountain" for his uncanny ability to win such an enduring and difficult race. He won it a total of 9 times.
So for us, it was 9 years of cheering Dick Johnson and his Fords on, just to beat Peter Perfect - another title he earned himself. Although at times, one secrectly did wish Brocky on, for despite the rivallary, and it was never any more than that, he was Brocky, and yes, one did want ot see him win - just not against Johnson.

Peter Brock was as much of my life as the man I cheered on. And never once, did any of our family disrespect Brocky. In fact, it was through Brocky, and his ravallry with our hero, Johnson, - and his own competitiveness, professionalism and sportsmanship, that we, as young lads, learned the values of sportmanship and respect - and that a healthy dose of competetion can be a good and valuable thing in itself. (There were other things too, but I remember this as being one of the great lessons). My parents were careful to bring us up with the admiration and respect for the competition, in this case it was Brocky.
It was a lesson I carry with me today.

But back to Brocky...I will always remember the attitude he had on the track, as opposed to the one he had off the track - even through the TV. I guess it was another of the lessons Brocky, Mum and Dad taught us. On the track, or on the field, go for it - stay in the rules, but go for it. At the end of the day, when the competition is over, its back to being mates. And judging by the respect he had from his peers and the public alike, it was a lesson Brocky taught more than just me and my brothers.

For people more familiar with Motor Racing here in Australia, 3 things I'll never forget...
Dick Johnson going off into the trees at forest elbow.
Craig Lowndes at Calder.
And today.

Vale Brocky. You'll be sorely missed.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A tired new post

Just finished a magazine meeting. And I'm tired.
And the grey stuff don't wanna work, so i'm not gonna even attempt to post properly...

So here is a picture from about a month or so ago. It is of Royal Arcade, amongst the maze of Laneways and Alleyways and Arcades right in the heart of Melbourne.
A beautiful part of a beautiful city.

I hope you enjoy it

Monday, September 04, 2006


no more Steve Irwin, "Crocodile Hunter".
Caught by a StingRay Barb diving off the Far North Queensland coast at Port Douglas.

For some local (as in Melbourne) reports....go here, here and here. (All from TheAge).

RIP Steve, you're a bloody good Aussie!

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