Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ah! Missed it!

I knew it was gonna happen. I knew it!

And where was I?

I was up in the CBD, the "Paris" end of Collins St, sitting on my arse, doing nothing, watching, and waiting (to take photos as well as voice my dissent) for the protests to begin. The G-20 protests that is.

That's right, Melbourne plays host, this very weekend, to the Group of 20's latest forum on how to make the rich richer, the poor poorer and how best to eat the remainder of the planets already dwindling resources.

It actually was a pretty unevenful event - the protests as far as today was the 'front' anyhow.
Oh, one thing...I was questioned as to 'why I was taking pikshures' by one of Victoria's finest - then had to give my details/ID. (I thought this was Australia, not a fascist state - oops, silly me)

Anyhow, there was a fair bit going on around the rest of the City, a few sit-ins etc , but nothing at the g-20 site itself, where I was.

So, while I was sitting around, waiting, over at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl (a massive outdoor ampitheatre), the latest Make Poverty History concert was getting underway.
Lead of course by the wonderful and inspiring Rev Tim Costello of World Vision (brother also of the host and co-chair of the G20 forum, and Conservative Government /National Treasurer - Peter Costello), the concert was a free (as Make Poverty History concerts are) statement to those up the top end of town to, Make Poverty History.

The rest, I had to find, in OTHER countrys' papers before even my own (this is by how much I missed 'it' - even though I was only a couple of kilometres away) that, well, let me digrees a moment first. My how the World has changed over the years. I was 2 KM away from this, and read about it in the Washington Post before anywhere else.

But anyway,
Oh; I should also point out... that it just so happens, that during this G20 event, and the Make Poverty History counter-events going on all weekend, U2 are touring, and are in fact, in Melbourne.

But wait, there's MORE!
Pearl Jam, my beloved Pearl Jam are also in Melbourne this week.

So, everyone I guess kinda expected Bono to appear at the show. And, well, I kinda figured, I dunno if anyone else did, that maybe, just maybe, there'd be an outside chance that Eddie Vedder or Pearl Jam proper would probably turn up to - being the kind of band they are.

I did actually wonder down for a while, and sat outside in the park listening - no ticket. But anyway, I got hom tonight, googled g20, and sure enough all the usual supects popped up. But, I noticed there were a couple 'articled' that had popped up to.
Tha Washington Post was one.
I clicked on it and opened it up.

There, right before my very eyes, were Bono AND Eddie Vedder, opening the show, covering Neil Young's "Rockin' in a Free World".


And where was I? Sitting on a step on bloody Collins Street.

Better luck tomorrow?


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