Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Not seeing as many vidos of Saturday up at Parliament House as I thought I would.
Pity in a way.

I'll tell briefly what happened...
I arrived in the city at about 2 - 2:30 pm, so there was plenty I missed.

ok, so G20 protests were going on all day all over Melbourne.

Not sure of what time it was, but I guess around mid-afternoon, the police decided to round everyone up and move us out of the Flinders Ln, Collins St and Exhibition St area. This they did with the police horses and the New World Order Robo-Cop Riot Police.
Once the had pushed us back to a certain point they stopped. Why they did this, I don't know. There had been violent protests earlier in the day, but from wht I could see, there were only a few thousand people around, mostly peaceful and just enjoying the day.
Anyhow, once the people had been moved this time, the idea went through the crowd to go up to Treasury Gardens, and so, most people did. From here, people moved a couple hours later, to a fairly impromtu Street Party on the steps of Parliament House.
And this was awesome. 200 hippies laughing and enjoying themselves, passer by families coming and going and everyone dancing to a pink Gemini, rigged up with a solar panel, DJ decks and sound system, painted bright Pink and filled with indigenous endangered plants.
This was ace. There was such a cool cool vibe, and not one Cop in sight.

Till about 9 pm. A few cops came into sight. Then more...and more.
Pretty soon there was about 100 cops milling around.
Through a spokesperson, we were told to leave peacefully, or be removed. The crowd, obviously, as we were there to oppose g20, wasn't too keen on either idea.

Within what seemed seconds, all Hell had broken loose.
The Police charged; truncheons arms and legs swinging, through the otherwise peaceful crowd.
The force and the brutality of their atack was absolutely shocking!
Never in my life have I encountered violence of this scale or viciousness.
And who was it on? 200 dancing Hippies having a Street Party. Seriously, there is something wrong with a world that has to protect 200 of the most powerful people in the world from 200 dancing Hippies - 3 km away.

I don't condone the violence that had been directed at the Police at other times of the day by certain groups.
But the people at this protest/street party weren't harming anyone. Why did the Police 'need' to charge in the way they did?


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